The Championships Country & Provincial Series
Qualifier Owner Ticketing Information

Owners Ticketing
The excitement of winning a horse race is enjoyable no matter where you win, but if you are lucky enough to win, it's an even more exciting experience at the ATC! Below outlines the privileges Owners receive on a race day. Please note ALL Owners will be asked to provide ID before they will be provided with any ticketing.

  • No. of Listed Owners
  • Owners' Passes Each Pass Includes:
    Course Admission;
    Members' Reserve Access
    Mounting Enclosure Access for the race in which your horse is running
    One food and beverage voucher
  • Members' Reserve Passes
    Each Pass Includes:

    Course Admission
    Members' Reserve Access
1 5 per owner 5 per owner
2-3 4 per owner 4 per owner
4-5 3 per owner 3 per owner
6-10 2 per owner 2 per owner
11-20 1 per owner 1 per owner
Syndicate Owned wholly Maximum of 20, issued to the Syndication Manager Maximum of 20, issued to the Syndication Manager
Syndicate owned in conjunction 
with other individual owners and/or other syndicates
Syndicates will be treated as one Owner. However, they are entitled to receive any additional Owners’ passes available after all Owners’ benefits have been accommodated (= 20 – Owners’ benefits, where the syndicate is treated and included as an Owner). If there are multiple syndicates, any additional Owners’ Enclosure passes will be distributed equally amongst the syndicates. NB: Passes issued to the syndicate manager or their pre-advised nominee. Syndicates will be treated as one Owner. Therefore individual Members’ passes permitted is based on the number of Owners in the horse. NB: Passes issued to syndicate manager or their pre-advised nominee

NB: The ATC may use its discretion to limit Mounting Enclosure passes to 200 Owners per race when large fields compete and/or a high proportion of horses in a race have multiple (10+) Owners. This is done for safety reasons.


For syndications, it is the Syndication Manager’s responsibility to check the entitlements and advise the Membership Department, prior to the race meeting, of the names of the Syndicate representatives who will be attending the race meeting and claiming tickets. If no list of representatives is provided, then any available tickets will be distributed according to a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Please complete this form and scan and email to or fax to 9663 2754. This must be done and submitted prior to the race meeting and will not be accepted on the morning of the race day. This email address and fax machine is not attended on a raceday.

Purchasing of Additional Members Passes
Owners who require ticketing in excess of their Owners privileges may purchase Member Guest tickets at a rate of $195 for Day 1 and $185 for Day 2. Please contact

Transferring Owners Privileges
If you are a listed Owner and are unable to attend the race date in which your horse is racing, you are able to transfer your privileges to someone else. Please complete this form and have your representative present it at the ticket office on the raceday to claim your tickets.

Ticket Collection Points
Owners may present themselves at either Gate B or Gate D to have their names marked off and then proceed to the Owners Ticketing desk which is located under the Owner’s Pavilion. Owners ticketing can still be obtained from the Infield Box Office.

Tickets for Children
Children under the age of 18 years attending the races accompanied by an adult gain free entry to the course. Children must accompany the Owner/s to the Race Day Office to be given a junior wristband, which will allow them entry to the Members Reserve.

Redzone Access for Children under 16 years
Please be advised that children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the red zone areas of any of the racecourses. EXCEPT for post-race winner presentation photos, where each child must be accompanied by a responsible adult and under their control. The ‘red zone’ areas are: Horse stalls, path to parade ring, parade ring inner, path to racecourse and racetrack.

Hospitality for Owners
Winning Owners Room
If you are lucky enough to experience the thrill of victory, you are invited by an ATC representative to watch the race replay in a private room. Finger food and beverages are served and a complimentary video of the race is given to the managing Owner.

Owners Pavilion
If your horse does not win, you are invited to visit the Owners Pavilion located above the Theatre of the Horse after your race to enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Owners & Trainers Pavilion
Owners are welcomed to remain in the Owners’ & Trainers’ Pavilion all day to mingle with fellow owners. Owners will still be issued with one food and one beverage voucher redeemable at any time of day. Once they are redeemed no further food options will be available however additional beverages can be purchased on consumption and are payable on the day. Limited wagering facilities via EBT units will be available.

Dress Regulations in the Members
Reserve Dress regulations apply if you wish to enter the Members Reserve at ATC venues. Click here for more information.

If your name appears as an Owner in the race book, you are entitled to one free race book. Additional race books can be purchased from the Kensington Cloak Room and/or Members' Concierge.

Scratched Horses

If you horse is scratched from the race, we will provide you with the Members ticket component of your entitlement. Owners Passes will not be provided.

Trackside Information
For your safety and those around you additional measures have been put in place within the trackside viewing area at Royal Randwick. Attendants at entry and exit points will direct you to the owners viewing area which is signed and is situated overlooking the winning horses stall. In order to remove horse and patron interaction there will be clear demarcation with ropes that will guide you away from potential hazards. Owners wishing to view from the trackside area can enter and leave either by the pedestrian tunnel under the stand which links the Theatre of the Horse or by the gate at the Members Lawn on the Ground Level of the Queen Elizabeth II Grandstand. There is also an escalator which can take you up from the Ground Level at the front of the Queen Elizabeth II Grandstand to the Owners' Viewing Deck on Level 1. The escalators are situated at the centre of the Grandstand inside the Members' Enclosure.

Purchasing Additional Content
 Photographs of winning horses can be purchased from ATC Photographer, Steve White on (02) 8669 9837 or

Replica trophies for The Championships Country & Provincial Finals can be ordered upon request. Please direct all enquiries to Nancy Inglis