Licensing Information for Overseas Visitors

All international participants will be required to obtain a licence with Racing NSW. The required application forms are provided below and can also be downloaded from the Racing NSW website.

All persons racing in NSW agree to be bound by the Rules of Racing of Racing NSW – a copy can be found at In addition to the required forms, the following will be required in support of any application;


  • A letter of clearance from the racing jurisdiction in which they are licensed.

  • Apply for and obtain a Visiting Trainers Permit (refer AR 80).

  • Evidence of any of the following Insurances; Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance, Workers Compensation insurance that is sufficient to cover their racing and horse activities whilst in Australia.

Jockeys & Apprentice Jockeys

  • A letter of clearance from the racing jurisdiction in which they are licensed.

  • An additional clearance will also be required from the jurisdiction in which they last rode at should it differ from the above

  • Evidence of Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance that is sufficient to cover them whilst registered in Australia.

  • Apprentice Jockeys please note: there are a number of races during The Championships in which an Apprentice Jockey is unable to claim a weight allowance (please check the individual race conditions to determine eligibility).

  • Non-English speaking riders will require the services of an interpreter for the purposes of interviews and Steward’s inquiries.

Stablehand/Forepersons (Head Lad)

  • A letter of clearance from the racing jurisdiction in which they are licensed.

Licensing Information For Interstate Visitors

The usual requirements that apply throughout the season to participants visiting from interstate will apply ie :


  • Trainers licensed in another state of Australia will be required to apply for and obtain a Visiting Trainers Permit (refer AR 80)

Jockeys & Apprentice Jockeys

  • Jockeys and Apprentice Jockeys are covered under the National Jockeys licence concept and will be required to complete a licence application form only (no fee required), if they haven’t ridden in NSW and provided previously this season

Stablehand/Forepersons (Head Lad)

The licenses of Forepersons and Stablehand’s registered interstate will be recognised on the basis that;

  • Their details are declared by their employing Trainer on their Visiting Trainers Permit application
  • The license will be recognized during the period the Trainer to whom they are registered maintains a Visiting Trainers permit

Drug Testing of Stablehands and Riders

AR 81A provides that any rider commits an offence and may be penalised if a sample taken from him is found upon analysis to contain a substance banned by AR 81B.

It is also an offence for any person to have a banned substance in their system when employed by or assisting a trainer and present upon any racecourse, training centre or registered stable.

Local rule 82B expands the powers of the Stewards to now include testing persons working on the ground as well as the testing of riders.

Am I obliged to provide a sample?

Yes. Any refusal or failure to provide a sample, when requested by the Stewards, may lead to the imposition of a penalty including the loss of licence.

What categories of drugs are considered as banned substances?

Apart from alcohol, samples will be screened for anaesthetics and narcotics, benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine, LSD, opiates (including heroin) as well as sympathomimetic amines (including methylamphetamine/ecstasy).

If any person is unsure of their responsibilities under the rules, particularly if they are taking medication under a doctor's prescription, please contact the stewards on (02) 9551 7500.

Please Note:

On arrival, or before travelling, Trainers and Jockeys must contact Racing NSW stewards to discuss local requirements including raceday procedures and compatibility of racing gear to local standards, stabling address and contact details.